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Map Your Route to Food Waste Prevention

Let's Transform Excess Food Into Opportunity and Value (Sonoma Pilot COMING SOON!!!)

So, How Does It Work?

Why should a good map be so hard to find? is a community-based mapping tool for preventing food waste and pitching in to the food recovery movement.

  • Recipients of Food: For those that accept food surplus, you can place your hunger relief organization, farm or business "on the map" and include key details about your needs and preferences
  • Food Donors, Traders & Suppliers: Individuals, businesses, farms and others with surplus food can use this tool locate recipients and find the right match
Food Recovery Hierarchy

How Did Get Started?

RecoverFood Sonoma Pilot is a collaboration between CropMobsterSONOMA Food Runners and Matter of Trust a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. 

We got to talking and in our community we could never find a simple, centralized resource for folks with surplus food to find local hunger relief organizations, composters, ranchers and others according to the US EPA's Food Recovery Hierarchy. And we know that's part of the reason why TONS of food are being land-filled, not eaten or productively utilized.

So we decided to get to work on something that is long overdue...and see if we could make even more of a dent on our local food waste crisis. And underneath the hood we are putting a foundation in place for rapid expansion so any community organization, donor or recipient in the US can make use of this tool.


Let's Transform Food Waste Into Opportunity and Value!

Notify Me When It's Ready!

We are down in the dirt, getting this amazing tool ready for harvest. Until then, let us know that you are interested in putting your food recipient location "on the map" or getting involved in other ways. By filling in the form with your information you will be the first to be notified.

You can also visit CropMobster (Community Exchange & Alert Service) or SONOMA Food Runners (Food Donation Relay and Distribution) who can help you find a home for your surplus food!

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